Rally for Tenants’ Rights


PRESS RELEASE: Tensions Boil Over in Summer Heat in Thorncliffe Park

WHAT: Thorncliffe Park Tenants’ Rally

WHEN: Saturday, June 8th, 11:30AM

WHERE: Starts at 71 Thorncliffe Park Drive

Toronto — The Thorncliffe Park Tenants’ Association (TPTA) is organizing a rally next weekend. After many failed attempts at negotiations with the management, Q Residential, TPTA and the tenants have decided that enough is enough. They are taking their demands to the streets in the hopes that they will finally be treated with dignity and respect.

This latest eruption of tensions between the landlords and the tenants of buildings 71, 75 and 79, is a result of continued denials of basic housing rights. In the past, Thorncliffe tenants have actively resisted against the exploitative and manipulative tactics of various managements and won important victories for their community. An active TPTA member, Pat Moore recalls, “Back then, we successfully staged a rent strike for one year to convert one of the buildings into a tenant-run co-op.” She warns, “If this management doesn’t clean up its act, we won’t hesitate to repeat history.”

Landlord policies directly attack the tenants’ pockets, at a time when many of them are facing increasingly precarious employment conditions. Such policies include an illegal air conditioning charge of $150 per AC which becomes prohibitive for low-income families trying to survive the heat in high rise apartments. Exorbitant transfer fees, as high as $700, collected from tenants switching suites within a building have forced many families to break up their ties with their neighbours and leave their buildings altogether. Other issues like security concerns, discriminatory behavior of staff and management, maintenance delays and the introduction of visitor parking fees have further fuelled their anger.

This Saturday will witness tenant concerns spill onto the streets of the community, with residents of all ages coming out to raise their voices and demand their rights.


Media Spokesperson: Abbas Kolia– 647-960-9178–President of Thorncliffe Park Tenants’ Association

The Thorncliffe Park Tenants Association (TPTA) is a community organization that fights for tenant rights. It has been working to improve the lives of low-income immigrant tenants in Thorncliffe for over a decade.


One Response to Rally for Tenants’ Rights

  1. purple says:

    the AC fee sounds illegal…you should challenge it at the landlord and tenant board.
    call them to confirm.

    I believe these buildings are owned by a group of investors called a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) they are interested in squeezing profits. Good for you for getting organized!

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