About Us

The Thorncliffe Park Tenants Association (TPTA) has been working to improve the lives of low-income immigrant tenants for over a decade.

With the tireless commitment of volunteers, the TPTA has been advocating for individual tenants on a round-the-clock basis to:

  • Challenge landlords and politicians for violations of tenants’ rights, high rents, poor housing conditions, and neglect of Thorncliffe Park as a whole;
  • Provide subsidized recreational activities for children and youth not otherwise available in the community;
  • Fulfil ambitious fundraising initiatives to broaden access to underserved residents.

As cuts to government services deepen, Thorncliffe Park residents are some of the first and worst to be affected. In this context, the role of the TPTA becomes ever more critical, fighting for a liveable community, inside and outside the home.


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